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My name is Nan Xiao, a system software / performance engineer, and have more than 10 years experience in software architecture & development: from embedded system to server box. I am especially enthusiastic in technologies related to computer infrastructure, such as Operating System kernel, concurrent programming, debugging, performance tuning, etc. I like to keep studying and trying new stuff which I haven’t touched before, e.g., in the past 2015, I focused on Go and FreeBSD, and now I think I should make my hands dirty in Rust and eBPF this year. I also love Free / Open Source software projects, and have done some contributions to them. You can contact me: (please replace ‘#’ with ‘@’).


  1. Can you help me get PHP connection to HANA working?

    It just won’t connect.

    Willing to pay!

    • nanxiao

      I never used PHP before, further more, I haven’t used HANA for nearly one year. So I am afraid I can’t give you real hep, thanks!

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