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Build Luajit notice

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When uploading Luajit (for example, v2.0.4) from Windows to Linux, you may get the following compile error:

In file included from lj_ffrecord.c:859:0:
lj_recdef.h:224:1: error: ‘recff_rawlen’ undeclared here (not in a function)
Makefile:645: recipe for target 'lj_ffrecord.o' failed

The root cause is in src/host/buildvm_lib.c:

void emit_lib(BuildCtx *ctx)

    int ok = 1;
    if (!strcmp(buf, "#if LJ_52\n"))
      ok = LJ_52;
    else if (!strcmp(buf, "#if LJ_HASJIT\n"))
      ok = LJ_HASJIT;
    else if (!strcmp(buf, "#if LJ_HASFFI\n"))
      ok = LJ_HASFFI;


Because in Windows, the EOL(End-of-Line) should be “\r\n“, so the !strcmp(buf, "#if LJ_52\n") will return false (!strcmp(buf, "#if LJ_52\r\n") will return true). The modify method is using the dos2unix tool to convert the whole folder:

# cd LuaJIT-2.0.4
# find . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 dos2unix

Then compile will be OK.

(1) The EOL difference in Windows and UNIX may generate compile error;
(2) How can I run dos2unix on an entire directory?.

Set proxy when executing “go get” command

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In Windows, if you have configured proxy for connecting Internet, then executing “go get” command may get error, like this:

C:\Users\xiaona>go get -v gopkg.in/fatih/pool.v2
Fetching https://gopkg.in/fatih/pool.v2?go-get=1
https fetch failed.
Fetching http://gopkg.in/fatih/pool.v2?go-get=1
import "gopkg.in/fatih/pool.v2": http/https fetch: Get http://gopkg.in/fatih/poo
l.v2?go-get=1: dial tcp ConnectEx tcp: A connection attempt
failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of ti
me, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respon
package gopkg.in/fatih/pool.v2: unrecognized import path "gopkg.in/fatih/pool.v2

The solution is set “http_proxy” and/or “https_proxy” environment variables according to your reality need:

C:\Users\xiaona>set https_proxy=https://web-proxy.corp.xx.com:8080/

C:\Users\xiaona>set http_proxy=https://web-proxy.corp.xx.com:8080/

C:\Users\xiaona>go get -v gopkg.in/fatih/pool.v2
Fetching https://gopkg.in/fatih/pool.v2?go-get=1
Parsing meta tags from https://gopkg.in/fatih/pool.v2?go-get=1 (status code 200)

get "gopkg.in/fatih/pool.v2": found meta tag main.metaImport{Prefix:"gopkg.in/fa
tih/pool.v2", VCS:"git", RepoRoot:"https://gopkg.in/fatih/pool.v2"} at https://g
gopkg.in/fatih/pool.v2 (download)

All is OK now!