CUDA编程笔记(12)——CUDA Memory Model

这篇笔记摘自Professional CUDA C Programming

The CUDA memory model exposes many types of programmable memory to you:
➤ Registers
➤ Shared memory
➤ Local memory
➤ Constant memory
➤ Texture memory
➤ Global memory
The following figure illustrates the hierarchy of these memory spaces. Each has a different scope, lifetime, and caching behavior. A thread in a kernel has its own private local memory. A thread block has its own shared memory, visible to all threads in the same thread block, and whose contents persist for the lifetime of the thread block. All threads can access global memory. There are also two read-only memory spaces accessible by all threads: the constant and texture memory spaces. The global, constant, and texture memory spaces are optimized for different uses. Texture memory offers different address modes and filtering for various data layouts. The contents of global, constant, and texture memory have the same lifetime as an application.



The principal traits of the various memory types are summarized in following table:



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