Docker Swarm代码分析笔记(15)——scheduler

Docker Swarm manage命令的scheduler是通过filterstrategy构建的(cli/manage.go):

sched := scheduler.New(s, fs)

scheduler实际的功能就是选择符合cluster.ContainerConfig要求的nodeDocker Engine)列表:

// SelectNodesForContainer will return a list of nodes where the container can
// be scheduled, sorted by order or preference.
func (s *Scheduler) SelectNodesForContainer(nodes []*node.Node, config *cluster.ContainerConfig) ([]*node.Node, error) {
    candidates, err := s.selectNodesForContainer(nodes, config, true)

    if err != nil {
        candidates, err = s.selectNodesForContainer(nodes, config, false)
    return candidates, err

func (s *Scheduler) selectNodesForContainer(nodes []*node.Node, config *cluster.ContainerConfig, soft bool) ([]*node.Node, error) {
    accepted, err := filter.ApplyFilters(s.filters, config, nodes, soft)
    if err != nil {
        return nil, err

    if len(accepted) == 0 {
        return nil, errNoNodeAvailable

    return s.strategy.RankAndSort(config, accepted)



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