Why do I need a root privilege?

Last week, the support engineer told me that a strange issue had occurred on commercial system, and gave me an account to let me check. I used this account to log in the system, but when I wanted to use some commands, the system prompted me “Permission denied”. I also wanted to use DTrace, but it also requires root privilege. So the following dialogue came out between I and administrator:

I: I need the root privilege, because I want to write some scrips and do some test.
Administrator: This is the commercial system, only operation team members have root privilege. You can send commands to them and let them execute the commands and send results back to you.
I: I need to do further investigation according to the previous results, and this may last a long time. So I think it is convenient for me to operate the system myself.
Administrator: No, it is not allowed for you to operate the commercial system. You can only send your scripts and commands to operation members, and they can send results back.

Per my understanding, debugging is a tough progress which may last several days even months, and the engineer need to dig and analyse from previous output then decide what to do next. Sometimes, maybe a digit can spark engineer. So I need a root privilege and do debugging myself, and don’t want to send mails back and forth. This disrupts me!

No root privilege, it really sucks!