Porting CUDA program from ArchLinux to Ubuntu 16.04

Today I ported a CUDA project from Arch Linux to Ubuntu 16.04, and this post records the pitfalls.

(0) Update cmake to newest version (follow this);

(1) Specify nvcc path in CMakeLists.txt:

SET(CMAKE_CUDA_COMPILER /usr/local/cuda-9.0/bin/nvcc)

otherwise, following error may generate:

No CMAKE_CUDA_COMPILER could be found.

(2) Since Ubuntu 16.04‘s default compiler is still gcc-5, install gcc-6 first, then pass gcc-6 as default compiler for nvcc:

SET(CMAKE_CUDA_FLAGS "-std=c++11 -ccbin gcc-6")

(3) Execute cmake command:


Not Locating CUDA Compiler;
CMake: How to pass mode dependent compile flags to nvcc in visual studio environment;
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