The difference of loopback packets on Linux and OpenBSD

Capture the packets on loopback network card on Linux:

# tcpdump -i lo -w lo.pcap port 33333
tcpdump: listening on lo, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet), capture size 262144 bytes

Download it onto Windows and use wireshark to analyze it:


We can see every packet conforms to standard ethernet format.

Capture lookback packets on OpenBSD:

# tcpdump -i lo0 -w lo.pcap port 33333
tcpdump: listening on lo0, link-type LOOP

Also download it onto Windows and open it with wireshark:


The wireshark just recognizes the packet as “Raw IP” format, but can’t show details.

After referring discussion in Wireshark mailing list, I know it is related to network link-layer header type0x0C stands for “Raw IP”:


I modified the 0x0C to 0x6C, which means “OpenBSD loopback”:


Now the packets can be decoded successfully:


P.S., I also started a discussion about this issue in mailing list.


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