FreeBSD kernel 笔记(7)——cdevsw结构体中定义不支持操作

下面摘自FreeBSD Device Drivers

If a d_foo function is undefined the corresponding operation is unsupported. However, dopen and dclose are unique; when they’re undefined the kernel will automatically define them as follows:
return (0);
This ensures that every registered character device can be opened and closed.


 * Character device switch table
struct cdevsw {
    int         d_version;
    u_int           d_flags;
    const char      *d_name;
    d_open_t        *d_open;
    d_fdopen_t      *d_fdopen;
    d_close_t       *d_close;
    d_read_t        *d_read;
    d_write_t       *d_write;
    d_ioctl_t       *d_ioctl;
    d_poll_t        *d_poll;
    d_mmap_t        *d_mmap;
    d_strategy_t        *d_strategy;
    dumper_t        *d_dump;
    d_kqfilter_t        *d_kqfilter;
    d_purge_t       *d_purge;
    d_mmap_single_t     *d_mmap_single;

    int32_t         d_spare0[3];
    void            *d_spare1[3];

    /* These fields should not be messed with by drivers */
    LIST_HEAD(, cdev)   d_devs;
    int         d_spare2;
    union {
        struct cdevsw       *gianttrick;
        SLIST_ENTRY(cdevsw) postfree_list;
    } __d_giant;


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