Kubernetes笔记(6)—— kubectl代码分析(1)


func Run() error {
    cmd := cmd.NewKubectlCommand(cmdutil.NewFactory(nil), os.Stdin, os.Stdout, os.Stderr)
    return cmd.Execute()


// NewKubectlCommand creates the `kubectl` command and its nested children.
func NewKubectlCommand(f *cmdutil.Factory, in io.Reader, out, err io.Writer) *cobra.Command {
    // Parent command to which all subcommands are added.
    cmds := &cobra.Command{
        Use:   "kubectl",
        Short: "kubectl controls the Kubernetes cluster manager",
        Long: `kubectl controls the Kubernetes cluster manager.

Find more information at https://github.com/kubernetes/kubernetes.`,
        Run: runHelp,
        BashCompletionFunction: bash_completion_func,


    // From this point and forward we get warnings on flags that contain "_" separators

    cmds.AddCommand(NewCmdGet(f, out))
    cmds.AddCommand(NewCmdDescribe(f, out))
    cmds.AddCommand(NewCmdCreate(f, out))
    return &cmds

所以cmd := cmd.NewKubectlCommand(cmdutil.NewFactory(nil), os.Stdin, os.Stdout, os.Stderr)得到的cmd是一个指向cobra.Command的指针。


// NewFactory creates a factory with the default Kubernetes resources defined
// if optionalClientConfig is nil, then flags will be bound to a new clientcmd.ClientConfig.
// if optionalClientConfig is not nil, then this factory will make use of it.
func NewFactory(optionalClientConfig clientcmd.ClientConfig) *Factory {
    mapper := kubectl.ShortcutExpander{RESTMapper: api.RESTMapper}

    flags := pflag.NewFlagSet("", pflag.ContinueOnError)
    flags.SetNormalizeFunc(util.WarnWordSepNormalizeFunc) // Warn for "_" flags

    generators := map[string]kubectl.Generator{
        "run/v1":                          kubectl.BasicReplicationController{},
        "run-pod/v1":                      kubectl.BasicPod{},
        "service/v1":                      kubectl.ServiceGeneratorV1{},
        "service/v2":                      kubectl.ServiceGeneratorV2{},
        "horizontalpodautoscaler/v1beta1": kubectl.HorizontalPodAutoscalerV1Beta1{},
        "deployment/v1beta1":              kubectl.DeploymentV1Beta1{},
        "job/v1beta1":                     kubectl.JobV1Beta1{},

    clientConfig := optionalClientConfig
    if optionalClientConfig == nil {
        clientConfig = DefaultClientConfig(flags)

    clients := NewClientCache(clientConfig)

    return &Factory{



// ClientConfig is used to make it easy to get an api server client
type ClientConfig interface {
    // RawConfig returns the merged result of all overrides
    RawConfig() (clientcmdapi.Config, error)
    // ClientConfig returns a complete client config
    ClientConfig() (*client.Config, error)
    // Namespace returns the namespace resulting from the merged
    // result of all overrides and a boolean indicating if it was
    // overridden
    Namespace() (string, bool, error)


func DefaultClientConfig(flags *pflag.FlagSet) clientcmd.ClientConfig {
    loadingRules := clientcmd.NewDefaultClientConfigLoadingRules()
    flags.StringVar(&loadingRules.ExplicitPath, "kubeconfig", "", "Path to the kubeconfig file to use for CLI requests.")

    overrides := &clientcmd.ConfigOverrides{}
    flagNames := clientcmd.RecommendedConfigOverrideFlags("")
    // short flagnames are disabled by default.  These are here for compatibility with existing scripts
    flagNames.ClusterOverrideFlags.APIServer.ShortName = "s"

    clientcmd.BindOverrideFlags(overrides, flags, flagNames)
    clientConfig := clientcmd.NewInteractiveDeferredLoadingClientConfig(loadingRules, overrides, os.Stdin)

    return clientConfig


// DeferredLoadingClientConfig is a ClientConfig interface that is backed by a set of loading rules
// It is used in cases where the loading rules may change after you've instantiated them and you want to be sure that
// the most recent rules are used.  This is useful in cases where you bind flags to loading rule parameters before
// the parse happens and you want your calling code to be ignorant of how the values are being mutated to avoid
// passing extraneous information down a call stack
type DeferredLoadingClientConfig struct {
    loadingRules   *ClientConfigLoadingRules
    overrides      *ConfigOverrides
    fallbackReader io.Reader



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