Kubernetes笔记(5)—— kubernetes layout


Node(也称之为minion)运行docker container,而master则负责调度管理这些container


  1. API Server—nearly all the components on the master and nodes accomplish their respective tasks by making API calls. These are handled by the API Server running on the master.
  2. Etcd—Etcd is a service whose job is to keep and replicate the current configuration and run state of the cluster. It is implemented as a lightweight distributed key-value store and was developed inside the CoreOS project.
  3. Scheduler and Controller Manager—These processes schedule containers (actually, pods—but more on them later) onto target nodes. They also make sure that the correct numbers of these things are running at all times.


  1. Kubelet—A special background process (daemon that runs on each node whose job is to respond to commands from the master to create, destroy, and monitor the containers on that host.
  2. Proxy—This is a simple network proxy that’s used to separate the IP address of a target container from the name of the service it provides.
  3. cAdvisor (optional)—http://bit.ly/1izYGLi[Container Advisor (cAdvisor)] is a special daemon that collects, aggregates, processes, and exports information about running containers. This information includes information about resource isolation, historical usage, and key network statistics.




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