Kubernetes笔记(7)—— 搭建”k8s on Mesos”注意事项

在本地搭建k8s on Mesos项目时,Mesos client脚本要以root身份运行。另外如果本地环境用到了proxy,一定要注意可能(不确定是否有例外,比如也许取决于你所使用的proxy或操作系统)需要把k8s或者MesosIP地址加入到no-proxy/NO_PROXY环境变量中。具体可参见下列issues
The kubernetes on Mesos can’t run successfully on the same machine
Why does “km controller-manager” think it is an invalid event?
The “km controller-manager” command doesn’t work successfully behind proxy.




If the compiler reaches the end of main() without encountering a return statement,the effect will be the same as if you ended main() with this statement:
return 0;
This implicit return is provided only for main() and not for any other function.

Why does int main() {} compile?